A tip or six on doing a "For Sale By Owner" home:  (This is called a "Fizbo" if you walk into a title company, by the way… yup, learning the lingo.)

1) Always list the address when you place an ad.  If you forget, plan to answer at least 20 curiosity calls in the next week.(Hey, at least you know your ad is
getting read!)
2) If your house is the lowest price in the paper ($39,500!!) expect people to call and make sure it isn’t a misprint. It’s not.
3) Don’t forget to take a flashlight when showing the home at night… the lights might turn on, but attics and other such spaces that aren’t lit will need some extra help.
4) Look up your avg utility costs ahead of time.  Carry them with you.
5) Take a book in case the prospective buyer wants to walk through it alone so you look occupied.  (If they are considerate and you AREN’T looking occupied, they may rush through it to avoid inconveniencing you.)
6) When you show the home, don’t spend too long in bedrooms that you painted yourself for the kids… the cloud that your two year old son painted for his baby sister and the trees and leaves that the grandparents and your husband’s youth group helped paint for your oldest might get you misty-eyed.