And I’m almost too tired to appreciate it… and the list of six hoops to jump through to finalize it, seems longer than it truly is because of that.  Our biggest, most involved jobs should be done by the middle of next week.  The rest of it is ‘done in a day’ type stuff.  Depending on how long it takes the finance company to document all that, we should close during the last week in February. 

At whatever point that occurs, we’ll spend the rest of that week moving in the kids’ bedrooms, the kitchen and the bathrooms so that most of the piddly stuff will be done BEFORE we have help.  The funny part is, now that I know we’re moving, figuring out the where, how and actually executing hanging up pictures and such feels like the most daunting task to me.  Not sure why?  Maybe because at this point that is the only thing we’re moving that doesn’t have ‘a place’ immediately.

We’ve picked out our first livestock breeds… muscovy ducks, rhode island red (and perhaps some barred rock hens for variety!) and broilers are our main focus this year.  We will be growing a patio kitchen garden and prepping a raised bed for next year.  Planting LOTS of dwarf fruit trees.  Should be fun. 

If you know anyone with muscovy ducks that would part with a male and female duckling or two…. send them our way!