Now we have a date to focus on.  The loan will go before the bank review board on February 17th.  Depending on how late in the day they determine our collective fates, we will know the same day or the 18th whether we actually have a new house.

The long road we have traveled begins to end on a specific date.  Now if only we can hold on to our tentative grip on our sanity.

I heard a story one time of a group of persons (I believe they were Jews in, not a camp but the ghetto confinement) cruelly forced to randomly and pointlessly move piles of dirt from one location and back again, a new location and back again.  Eventually the individuals went mad and started throwing themselves at the guards in an attempt to end their pointless existence. 

This is not as bad as that was, I would be shaming myself to draw a real comparison there.  Nevertheless, I’m beginning to understand why such drastic measures were taken over pointless, aimless activity. 

Plan to pack, plan to unpack, plan to pack, plan to unpack…. sit around waiting while wishing for some form of direction before planning any further. 

I will wait ONE MORE WEEK.  That’s it.