Sonata had a great deal to say this evening about the weighty topic of marriage.

She started off talking about ‘when I marry a boy that isn’t Asa’.  I explained that she wasn’t going to marry a boy, she was going to hold out for a man and would thusly not be married until she was at least 26.  {Don’t freak out, it’s an arbitrary number designed to impress upon them that it will be a VERY LONG TIME before they even get to THINK about males and marrying in the same thought pattern… obviously this isn’t working out so well* since my 3 year old is already discussing the following with me.}

She didn’t ponder this for any amount of time, merely shot back, “I think I’ll get married when I’m 6.”

Me:  “No.  26.”

Her: “I think 7 would be better.”

Me: “No. THIRTY-six.”

{insert lengthy age debate here…}

Her: “But 26 is a long time and I don’t even know WHO I’m going to marry!” (this said with all the tragedy of a Romeo finding a collapsed Juliet)

Me: “Don’t worry.  God knows.”

Her: “Can I marry Daddy?”

Me: “When you marry someone you belong to them forever… you already belong to Daddy forever.”  {and daddy’s already married to ME …but it didn’t seem necessary to start that line of thought yet… besides, this is what we told her when she decided she would marry Asa.  They are already each other’s brother/sister forever.}

Her: “But WHO am I going to MARRY?”

Me: “Don’t worry.  When you’re 26 we’ll help you figure that out, okay?”

At some point thereafter she said something strange enough that segued into my asking “Do you even know what marriage is?”

Her: “Yes, it’s being delightful and happyful with each other!”**

Me: {snicker} “Well, that’s more or less true.  It’s when you leave daddy and I, this family, and go live with someone new to start a new family.”

Her: {after a long pause to digest this information… since she’s been having issues with me leaving to SHOP without her and is giving her father approximately 10 minutes of hugs before he can walk out the door) “I will stay with you and daddy a long time, though, right?” 

Me: {why didn’t I START with that? We could have avoided the whole ‘when’ and ‘who’ issues?!?!?!}  “You bet, kid.  Until you are at least 26.”


*It could be that her avid interest has been sparked by my older daughter’s ‘marriage’ to her good friend this summer and subsequent discussions of saving her kisses until she is a grown up and ABSOLUTELY sure (she’s already very sure, but not ABSOLUTELY sure regarding who she is going to marry) that he’s the man she will be with forever.

**I’d like to think that both of them are excited about being married because Matt and I make it look like so much fun, but it probably has more to do with their obsession with the Disney Princesses and all those happily ever afters.