I confess that I am a stick in the mud.  I don’t like very many power toys.

My older 3 have all asked at different times for those little electric cars they make for Tykes.  I said ‘no’. 

Several hundred dollars for a toy that has no practical value (sorry, driver’s ed can be taught with more useful tools at an older age) doesn’t go any faster than you can pedal on the trike you already own (which provides free, enjoyable exercise) takes up way too much space and will undoubtedly be used far less than the several other items we can purchase with that same cash?  No way.  Not my bag.

The boys (in particular) are enamored with motorcycles and ATV’s (4 wheelers).  I said ‘when you have the money to get it, sure.’

Until then?  They have a riding mower.  I mean, WE have a riding mower.  They like to ride with us on it.  All the benefits of those other ride-on toys with the added benefit of practical usage and needed skill learning.  And roughly the same cost as a ride on electric car thingy! (We bought it used.)

Orion will be eight in August.  He took it for a short spin solo today; and did very well.  By next year he should be old enough/tall enough to weigh down the seat and push the go pedal without so much stretching.  This year?  He’ll probably be doing everything while I weigh the seat down.  (It’s good for me to feel useful.)  

Now, if we find a cheap 4 wheeler with a snow blade on it?  Then we might consider getting THAT for the new ride-on toy.  (Imagine!  An acreage where you not only have a cleared drive but ALSO a path to the barn and chicken house!  And all done with the joyful “Can I do the drive, mom!” type attitude in a year or two.  Joy!) They can start a snow removal business or just do it out of kindness for our neighbors. (once they’ve done ours enough times to know how NOT to take out the mailbox or flower garden edging at the neighbors).

Those types of ‘ride-ons’?  You’re welcome to ’em, boys!  More gas/electric-power to you!  

(You are also, of course, welcome to your bikes, trikes and skateboards.)