(We had company + pregnancy brain… the ‘publish’ button just didn’t get pressed, a’ight?  Just imagine a time warp to pre-Easter… NOW!)

So far in anticipation of Easter we have

1) Put Robin Egg candy in the candy bowl

2) Made ‘resurrection rolls’ (hide the marshmallow inside the biscuit dough with butter and cinnamon sugar and bake, the marshmallow disappears… and also they just plain taste awesome) and talked about Good Friday/Easter

3) Put jelly beans in the suddenly and alarmingly empty candy bowl

4) dyed FOUR DOZEN eggs (I don’t suppose anyone has bright ideas for using 4 dozen hard-boiled eggs…)

5) carefully selected ‘least likely to be missed’ or already cracked eggs with which to make potato salad

6) taste tested the potato salad

7) Considered, however briefly, the possibility of making my husband’s repeated request for PBJ in his lunches more exciting by cutting them in the shape of a rabbit head.

8) Discarded notion and made him his same favorite ‘boring’ (joke) lunch.  (Thank me later, dear.)

This afternoon Asa asked me if Easter was over after today.  I had to explain that we hadn’t even REACHED Easter yet.  Sadly, all I have up my sleeve apart from church and maybe brunch at church for tomorrow is more egg shaped candy nibbling and hiding/hunting those eggs.

Anyone else notice that the majority of our Easter traditions involve edibles?

Which make me think: Is there a holiday that DOESN’T have at least one ‘traditional’ consumption?

Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving turkey, Easter eggs, Valentine chocolate, New Year’s champagne, Halloween candy, King Cake, 4th of July hot dogs and jello salad and funnel cakes (or at least parade candy.. for the less dedicated 😉 ),

St Patrick’s day… um… beer? Corned beef?- (obviously we don’t do much w/ St. Patrick’s day around here, but perhaps those of you more into the Green Day can correct my food assumptions. Those two are usually involved, right?)

Apparently parental and patriotic holidays (apart from July 4th) are exempt from consumption requirements.  Perhaps we should invent some.  Mother’s day Brownies and Ice Cream.  Father’s Day.. um… Apple Pie? Oh, fine, honey.. CHERRY pie, then.  Memorial Day MRE’S.  Flag day.. R/w/B popsicles.  Grandparents Day… gummable foods? (no offence to all those fully-dentaled grandparents out there) Suggestions?

Here’s hoping your Easter involved more hope and joy than mere edibles can provide!