Welcome to the first installment of “using things I typed elsewhere as new blog entries”.  I have a bad habit of typing thoughts into whichever forum I happen to be using at the time.  Comments on blogs, notes on facebook, you name it.  this here originated from the latter:



Nothing like “FREE” stuff, is there?  The thing is, those ‘free’ pencils we get at the bank, aren’t ‘free’ they were purchased by the bank and are a ‘gift’ from them.  The ‘free’ coupon for ice cream my kids get when they’re brave at the doctor are a GIFT to us by people who have paid to print the coupon, buy the cone and the ice cream not to mention paid the person who put it together for us. Nothing presented to us as “FREE” is free to everyone.  (No thank you, I don’t need any poetic, “but the view of the countryside and the air we breath, etc are free and valuable.  We get it.  You get my point. Moving on.)


Have you seen the jars with pictures and ailments on them?  They show up in our gas stations and stores around here.  They explain the who, what and why of a local person with a medical problem and allow people to GIVE to them.  Those people who collect the jars KNOW they aren’t getting anything for free.  They KNOW that people are giving a GIFT to them.  This brings people together as a community.  Contrast that with a police officer coming to your door and telling you that you WILL put $5 in a bucket to help family X get a hysterectomy/buy a new fridge/pay for their cell phone/get condoms/buy groceries.  Not so much happy.  No gift giving.  No community building.  Just taking.  Someone TAKING what is NOT theirs and using it for something they want.  Now this feeling of violation can be salved a little by knowing that the money is going to a good cause (cancer treatments, bypass, groceries for a family that truly is bereft due to circumstances beyond their control and not just beyond their comfort level or willingness to act on their own behalf, rent for those you know are trying their best) but it’s still TAKING all the same. And if you knew a family like that, do you not have a community that would rally together to help them of their own volition anyway?  If not, perhaps you should move.  But I digress.


I guess I’m probably going to gather unto myself all sorts of hate mail by saying this, but if you aren’t earning enough money to provide YOURSELF with birth control, either by having insurance or paying out-of-pocket, perhaps you shouldn’t be such a slave to your passions until you CAN save up enough.  Sex isn’t something that we HAVE to do.  It’s something done primarily for pleasure and occasionally (anymore) for the purpose of procreating.  I’m certainly not going to start donating life jackets to people who like to jet ski so they can do so more safely.  I’m not going to ask millions of people to donate money to purchase helmets for people who like to ride motorcycles or horses so that they can pursue pleasure more safely.  If they can’t afford the safety precautions AND ALSO don’t want to risk the after-effects of pursuing their ‘sport’ more safely, the answer isn’t to beg it off others.  It’s to quit your recreational activities until you can -ON YOUR OWN- reach the level of safety you are comfortable with.   I’d argue the same thing with Viagra.. only add something about putting handicapped bars on the jet ski so people can get on that used to love jet ski-ing and no longer can due to some ailment or other as a more appropriate analogy.


Now if you feel strongly about providing life jackets, helmets and jet ski handicap bars, that’s wonderful.  I’m very glad that someone in the world has that much passion for others, and you are more than welcome to personally head up or donate to a charity (not government-funded) organization that assists people who want to be safe riding horses or get back on that jet ski successfully. Wonderful.  Go for it.  Don’t make it a government mandate.


I’m against government-funded health care anyway, so you know I’m already biased, but if they would remove all these ridiculous non-essentials, I might cease banging my head against the wall every time we hear about it. Speaking of which, where’s the government funded padding on my walls for when I hit my head against them in frustration!?  Discrimination against minority afflictions, that’s what this is!


As a corollary, since I mentioned above that some in our nation have sex for the sake of procreating, at what point are we going to minister to the ‘rights’ of those who have trouble on THAT side of the coin.  How about starting a government program that pays all the expenses of fertility treatments and then adoption fees if those don’t work without a copay? No?  Didn’t think so.  It’s amazing how silly something seems when we put things in a different perspective, doesn’t it?


You are welcome to respond with dissenting views.  Be nice, though; according to Facebook, you’re my friend. (No, we’re not on facebook, but I assume if you read this far and aren’t already rapidly typing your dissenting views in my comments that you ARE something of a friendly person…)