We’d been embarking on the ‘Sleep Adventure’ for an hour… or more… only to get that ship nearly sailed before hearing my almost 2 yr old express her desire to attempt to keep her underthings in a tidier state than normal. Despite the nightly (and nap-timely) ritual this has become, the request caused all manner of disruption from children who wanted to know… “If she goes can we have candy too?!” (NO! And keep calm. Be silent. Cease squeaking the joints of your furniture. And -internally muttered- ‘she rarely actually succeeds anyway; I think this is naught but a ploy’.) But, of course on this fateful night, she DOES succeed; and after the joyous heavenly light descended upon her in the form of a cookies and cream candy bar piece and the voice of the siblings affirming her burgeoning maturity, all of which certainly did not assist anyone to develop a desire to ‘go gently into that dark night’ {literal, not figurative}. But soon, all cherubs are nestled in again only to face another minor disruption in the form of a distraught eldest realizing that she had neglected to consume the candy she earned that day from piano lessons. This grief eventually assuaged, a second ‘hurrah’ was mounted and all seemed as it should be. The triumphant youngest child, however, is currently crowing in a way a peacock would crow, if such a noise indeed it made, over her recent achievement. It is evident that the fates have not slated timely rest and respite for us this evening.


Our felicitations, Sonata.


{Now I gots to go find me some good lit to read. It’s obvious I’m hankering for all that fancy talk and them big ol’ words.  Something with fates and/or poetic obscurity sounds good.}