It’s a privilege.
It’s a blessing.


But some nights…

Some nights it is a burden.  A weight.  It is huge and insurmountable.

Some nights it chafes and wears and grinds and tears at a spirit that is too weary and too sleepy to think rightly about it.

Some nights small responsibilities like housework,

Larger ones like child rearing,

Medium sized ones such as stewardship,

Sometimes those grow the way a strangely hung sweater in a child’s closet can swell and burst into a nightmarish monster.

And you know the size and intimidation aren’t real.  You can hold onto that truth while the lie that it is frightening pulls at you.

Some nights, it is enough to forget about winning the sweater vs monster argument in your soul, to ignore the small, medium and large-sized issues and fall into bed.


This is one of those nights.