For books like this, I truly detest that “I couldn’t put it down” has become such a cliché, since I can very sincerely say that I could not put this book down. Despite the reality of four small children and impending weekend company, despite the past few nights of inadequate rest, I found myself reading it start to finish in a single 24 hour day… except for that last hour, which technically belonged to the next day.


This author magically hangs flesh on the characters her words built, giving them personality and charm without using the lazy ‘extended description’ fallback plan, she stealthily holds back information that you feel you MUST know throughout the story so that you are never left thinking you have it all figured out, inserting the exact amount of little twists and turns to make the story pop without turning it into the convoluted, dense, heavy mess that signals someone tried way too hard to make the ‘same old’ different.


I identified with this mother’s internal struggle of how to introduce culture to her children without also introducing her children to its more negative influences; yet, somehow I also identified with the Uncle who is appalled that the children know next to nothing about the world around them. I understood the mother’s life with her 6 young children (I have four myself), but found myself wincing at the noise along with the uncle who was plunged into their midst. I laughed aloud at the reality of many young ones painted so clearly in the pages and fell in love with children that I keep thinking must have been drawn from the author’s experiences. They were too true to life to have been pulled from thin air.


And so I read. And read. And read. And ignored the clock and read some more. If you happen to pick up this title, I hope you are slightly more responsible with your commitment to get a good night’s rest than I am.


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