What’s So Amazing About Grace? The Prodigal God (God’s excessive graciousness towards us and the need to show grace to one another). Grace Based Parenting. Captured by Grace.

Grace has become a hot topic in Christian circles these days… possibly because we’d forgotten it… or at least let it grow dusty and boring in our brain’s closet, but all that is behind us! Behold, the abundance of books about, well, the abundance of grace.

You’d think after reading all the above titles and then some that I would be under whelmed by the time Captured by Grace showed up at my door. I certainly did expect a lot of repetition, but somehow, whether because the topic is so needed or because Dr. Jeremiah has a gift for making an ‘old hat’ new, this book grabbed my attention, twirled it around a few times and set it down even more firmly on the truth.

While I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the former titles in their own right and though any of them would be an interesting study, here is what I like about the idea of using Captured by Grace as a personal or group study book:

1) Moments of Grace at the end of each chapter leave you with thought provoking questions that challenge how you think and react, making the transition from reading material to study rather simple.

2) The captivating, memorable and appropriate (non-pictorial) illustrations. We’ve all read books that have loosely connected ‘visuals’ or stories that just don’t seem to work for the author. From the verbal picture he draws of the individuals whose lives he makes illustrative to the beautiful and unique picture he paints of Romans by assigning a treasured item to each of the "seven wonders of grace" that he pulls from Romans 5, Dr. David Jeremiah has woven a powerful portrait of what grace is, why it is absolutely necessary, and exactly what is wondrous about it.

3) The soundness. It is possible to experience lovely, captivating, well-purposed writing that somehow still goes floppy somewhere along the way. From beginning to end, I experienced no, "Wait, did he say what I THOUGHT he just said?" no "I must have read that incorrectly." Not that I wasn’t blown away by tougher portions to the point of having to reread and item, but not once did I have to stop and decide whether what I was reading was true, just and right. I just needed a little extra processing time to get it worked in through all the actions or thoughts I had that did not fit the truth. {Disclaimer, reviewer is in no way claiming that this book is infallibly correct, just that it was never incorrect to a point that attracted the attention of said reviewer}

4) Understandably, the titles I listed prior to Captured by Grace take their specific bent on the topic in depth. That isn’t a negative thing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of them, but if I had to choose ONE book about grace from the list, this would be it, if not for the already listed reasons than because each of those topics is touched in some manner (some in more detail and more intentionally than others) within the pages of this one. Besides, the cover is much prettier than the others… but that’s just a bonus to help you draw in those aesthetics.

So for all those reasons (except perhaps that ‘pretty cover’ one), pick it up. Again, I have enjoyed many… many… many books about Grace, but this one seems the most comprehensive and though it covers a great deal, it still manages to be a very captivating read.

This book was sent to me by Booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest (in other words, not necessarily a positive) review.  I’m kind of hoping they send me one I hate soon so I can prove that… but since I get to pick the titles they send, I suppose that isn’t likely. =)