I’m not a terribly romantical sort of woman. (Quit laughing, males, we
do exist!) While the typical gestures touch my heart due to the
thoughtfulness behind them, I’m not into flowers with apologies, am not
brought to tears or otherwise tragically offended if my anniversary or
birthday are forgotten and really couldn’t care less about jewelry and
other flashy shows of affection. Oh, and romances that are written
solely to have boy meet girl and fall in love usually bore me to tears.
This one, though, had the makings of a decent story that contained
romance. Those, I do NOT mind and can often enjoy.

{Spoiler alert: if there can be spoilers in non-mysteries where you
KNOW they end up together?}

Imagine an aunt discovering that she is suddenly in charge of her
father’s SECOND MARRIAGE’S children! Wait, there’s more! This happens
after he left you with your less-than-fit mother and giving the
appearance of being completely uninterested in your life. I’m sure we
are all jumping up and down to take care of the little dears, right?
Now add that she doesn’t KNOW these children and their reception to her
is… well.. the stereotypical grieving and off-putting teen, plus a few
other issues.. fill in the blanks. They aren’t perfect angels and they
don’t necessarily want her there. I don’t’ know about you, but I’m
sorry! I love kids and all, but these are my father’s "other" children.
The ones who GOT to have a life with him when I didn’t. I don’t think
so! (Quit being so shocked… you know if push came to shove you’d
have at least a glimmer of this attitude before you buckled down and did
what was right.)

But no, she does her duty, falls in love with the kids and when the
uncle shows up in town disguised as a handyman… yadda, yadda, yadda…

What impressed me about this story wasn’t the characteristic `boy
meets girl’ theme that I, quite honestly, expected to be a boring but
nevertheless center stage element in this work.

Instead, thankfully, Denise Hunter gave us a picture of people
trying to do what is right and come to terms with things that are
hurtful. A story of loving those that don’t already love you back or
necessarily benefit you in some way. And a story of doing the best you
can and persevering when things don’t work out as you’d hoped.

And then there’s the dancing together so you can learn how and help
the poor parent-less child compete in the talent show he was supposed to
do with his mom. The decorating of the car which was the teen/father
tradition. The fighting off of the hoodlum by the shining knight of the
story. The "over-protective and guarded heart syndrome" meets "wild,
sensitive and suddenly ready to settle down" that all romance fans swoon

All in all, it was a fun read. Even for a non-romantical sort like

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