One of my favorite veggie tales songs (to sing) is the one where Larry’s singing the blues… well… trying to sing the blues.
"My dad bought me IIIIICe cream, oh happy, happy, happy happy sticky happy place."
I think I might be able to actual groove in blues time today.
My brain is all melted, it just driiiipped away.
Oh, yeah, I tried to do laundry before laundry day.
That one little hiccup, inmyscheduledandblessedroutine just ruuuuuuined my day.
My son won’t use… the poooorceeeelain throne.
Oh yeah, the laundry’s half full of his drawers, every last one (soft rhyme, right?)
I can’t keep my cooooool, when I know he can do it and he just uuuuuuuused me as a stool.
Wow, looks lame on paper so I won’t put down the rest of the verses, but let me assure you that it was a cathartic song to sing.