while living on Poppleton Avenue (come on, best British accent: "Tea and Crumpets at Poppleton"… you know it fits!)

Now… we’re learning to do Brunch:

The traditional American mealtimes goes something like this:





Our family’s traditional mealtimes go like this:

    Aren’t you going to finish your breakfast? (except for the child who chose something sweet like Trix who is on his third bowl because he likes the taste, not because he is actually that hungry)

   Mom, I’m hungry.

   Are you sure you’ve eaten enough lunch?

   Mom, I’m hungry.

   This is the last thing we’re eating tonight, don’t you want more supper?

   Can I have a snack before bed?

I HATE it!

So now we are switching.

Instead of fighting kids to eat decent amounts three times a day, I am waiting until they are hungry (9:30-10:00am-ish)and serving them a real meal (contrasted with cold cereal for that first and now deleted meal)  In place of coaxing them to eat at THREE meals, I will hopefully NOT have to coax them during their eating of TWO.  This afternoon at approximately “I’m Hungry!”-thirty they will be offered carrots, celery, apples with peanut butter or perhaps yogurt or string cheese.  Then tonight, we will have supper. 

If my children end up growing scrawny and continue to be poor eaters at the TWO meals, we may change back, but until then, creating and then doing the cleanup after TWO devoured and appreciated meals sounds much better than cleanup after THREE partially eaten meals at any rate.  And it might cut down on the adults trickling into the kitchen to eat after the kids have already eaten breakfast, thus causing the “I’m hungry” routine to come on prematurely.    Plus, it will give me a chance to MAKE a real breakfast..brunch..meal while they are occupied with morning chores so that we can all sit down together instead of everyone ‘eating’ when they get up, doing chores at different times, getting done with chores and bugging me about what to do now at different times.  They’ll all be available to help with clean up immediately after brunch too which will make getting meal chore cards done MUCH easier!! OOOH what a wonderful added bonus (one I hadn’t thought of yet!)  

Someday, when they are old enough to do a ‘fend for yourself’ lunch time and hungry enough to actually eat decently at three mealtimes…. Someday we’ll probably go back to the 3 a day routine.  Until then, spare me all the ‘breakfast is most important’ and ‘kids should be grazers’ stuff.  If this doesn’t work for them it will be obvious to me in a very short time.  If it does work for them, it will work even better for me.

YAY!!! One more step towards organizing our lives in a way that fits us better. 

Only 3,892.8 steps to go before our lifestyle is a uniquely tailored fit for us.