I start drifting through the day like every other day…

And it truly is every other day.

The morning comes and with it a shot of giving the day all I’ve got,

But all I’ve got is done and gone by afternoon.

Same fight.  Same desires.  Same struggle to stave off ire

With the ones that matter.

If I were someone else, I could tell myself of the importance. 

But I’ve heard all that before, and we so quickly become immune to truth. 

Besides the insidious lies are so… prevalent.

Don’t you want to go back to school, live your life on solo rules?

What matters if you invest or not. They soar or crash without you.

Why do the same things over… it’s never been my nature to redo.

And that is my entire life now.   Nothing new.

Is it a matter of wrong perspective or is it something crucial missing?

What little I do is of little consequence; the alternative would be just as well.

Goals belittled, disputed, ignored, strongly held values shrink down and sink

Like so much sediment, weighed down by what we speak.

What we do, what we hear… those things that come through loud and clear.

Were that the truth were loud as well, rather than steadfast and silent.

My own voice betrays me, switching sides and joining the masses. 

Truth must overcome, lest it settle to the bottom along the way.

Now wasn’t that poetic?  Or not.  =P