About the Culinary Arts:

Mashed potato flakes will make edible mashed potatoes.

However, children who are used to the real thing will A) stare at you and ask what that white stuff is (Lithany) B) tell you they don’t taste quite right (Orion) C) eat them not quite as well as she would infant cereal (Sonata) D) Ignore them completely even though he usually scarfs potatoes (Asa)

Mashed potatoes will be taking the place of buying baby cereal at our house for awhile, apparently.

About Nature:

Muskrats can live in your front yard if you have enough water from the melting snow and rain.

Tidus (the big killer Siberian husky mix that he is) would really like to eat muskrat.

Electric fence will prevent Tidus from crossing it to attacking anything, no matter how much it plays right in front of his nose if it is beyond his fence line. 

He will however crouch/sit with his hackles raise just in case the muskrat (aka tasty morsel) decides to foolishly advance in to the drier, non-fenced area.

About Unit Studies (homeschooling)

Sucking water out the basement is educational

You can learn math: 

estimation: “how many times will I need to empty the carpet cleaner before that 5 gallon bucket is full, do you think?”

counting: “That was three times, right??”

fractions: “and now the pail is almost half full”

Addition/subtraction: “so how many more do you think we’ll need now that we now we can put five in there?”

Units of measure: “Each holds one gallon.”

You can learn Science: aka: why is our basement leaking? 

Physical science:

    properties of water: can you say “viscosity”?  (how easily something flows)

    states of matter: snow and ice turn into water. 

Elemental Science: well, you know how much snow we had, and the rain… and there’s this thing called a water table…

You can learn Social Studies (and more science):

It takes alot of people to build a house… basements are hard to keep dry, but here are the things this house’s builders did that makes this a better situation than it could have been.

You can learn Phonics:

Huh.. viscosity and vacuum start with what letter again?

You can practice reading:

Can you tell me which way is ‘on’?

You can learn geography:

“Man, next time we move it will be a drier climate like…”

…..You can realize you wasted alot of money on textbooks…. =)