I’m in the mood to rail against something.  There are all sorts of dead horses that I could beat.  Controversial issues that could be addressed.  People that could straighten up a little (Wait… what mirror?!!?). 
I’m also in the mood to postulate about things.  Ponder.  Wonder.  Consider.  Debate.  Interesting how those moods seem to coincide with one another.   All sorts of interesting and wonderfully deep and meaningful fractions of thought are revolving around on the merry-go-round that I keep in my head.  But I can’t get a lock on any of them.  (okay, maybe it’s a tilt-a-whirl rather than a merry go round, because… well.. it’s a slightly less used analogy.  And also a bit more fun to ride on, depending on if my middle brother is in the car at the time.)
I hope that when I get the chance to purport my pervasive and persuasive point of pontification I will do so in an irenic fashion. 
Or… maybe I made all that stuff up because playing with words is super-fun and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted a chance to use the word "Irenic". 
Next time, maybe I’ll read Dickens rather than posting inane blogs.  (OOH.. "INANE" I LOVE THAT WORD!)
Next time, maybe I’ll address the fact that the two favorite words in this post start with "I" which perhaps means I’m an egomaniac. 
Next time, maybe I’ll….
Okay, let’s face it… who knows what I’ll do.   Not me.  I?
Yeah… Not I.