Just a few things I don’t wish to forget… And that, my dear, is the danger of reading a blog which is primarily used as an open book journal.
1) Orion has been saving to buy a ‘dinoco mcqueen’ car… he had nearly $4 in coins when we counted this morning and has been asking intermitently when I would be going on my shopping trip.  When I explained that I really should dig the pickup out, he says "I’ll go get started" and seconds later has his little brother’s snow shovel and is working away… digging the snow out of the box rather than around the tires, but he gets an A for effort!  So since Sonata’s wakefulness does not lend to me getting the digging done, I decide we may as well pack everyone up and go.  Orion gets his plastic sandwich bag of money and we take off.  At teh store, I ask if he wants me to put his money in my purse.  (Stupid mommy… never ask about things like this, just inform them they are GOING to do this!) But since I asked, and sinces he’s practically a man, after all, being 5 years of age, he decides to hang onto it himself.  That’s fine.  Let’s get our groceries found and then we’ll go get your car.  At the very end of our grocery gathering, we’re ready to go see if his $4 will be enough for the cost of dinoco today (last time it was on sale).  He suddenly says, "Mom!  I don’t have my money!"  That part is NOT what I want to remember.   But I do want to remember how mature he was about the whole thing.  He asked me to check my purse, wondered if it might be in the cart under our boatload of stuff, went back to the milk aisle and checked the floor, checked the floor in all the ailes as we went to the checkout, Not a single whine, fuss or tear.  He’s amazing.  How is my five year old more mature than I am??   He goes off to play in the game room while I check out, then comes cheerfully when I call him.  "mom, was it at the bottom of the cart?"  No.  Sadly I say, no.  Very Very sadly I say, no.  "Okay, can we see if someone’s found it?? It must be here somewhere."
It would have been easy for me to make his day.  It would have been easy for me to say, "Let’s just go get the car anyway!  Mommy will buy it for you!" It would have been so easy and was completely what I wanted to do.  It would have been easy for me to pay the tax on the last car he purchased so that he could get it the first time he priced it instead of waiting to save up the tax total.  It would have been easy for me.  It would have made his day.  It wouldn’t have taught him the lesson of saving until you can afford it.  Today was a much harder lesson.  A much less welcome one.  How insignificant that little plastic bag must have seemed lying on the floor.  How silly to try to find the owner of those coins.  They were coins after all, in a disposable packaging.  Not a wallet that says "I’m important to someone" but in a baggie that is a throw away item.  Orion and I have been talking about the importance of trying to find the owner before claiming an item.  (He’s a coin hunter and likes to take any coins he finds, whether they are on grandma’s dresser next to her bank or on the floor next to the dryer. AND -so timely- we read about Almanzo returning a LARGE sum of money in the Little House on the Prairie series, not for a reward but because it was the right thing to do…we also read about Pinnochio getting his just desserts when he turned off the road to take fruit from a tree that did not belong to him… that too is stealing, after all.)  Here is the lesson that drives those talks home.  OUCH.  OUCH for mom, too.   Yet, he handles it with aplomb.  I called Wal-mart on a long shot to see if someone turned it in… nope.  Not there.  I hardly expect it to turn up, but for Orion I will call tomorrow.  I hope it does turn up.  I hope the concern over having lost it (though handled like nothing less than a gentleman) will be counterbalanced by the joy of finding it.  I hope that both experiences will make him more likely to hold onto the lesson about claiming only what is yours.  That trying to find the rightful owner of an item really IS important.   
We don’t want our kids to experience hard things, but consider the implied lesson I WOULD have taught if I’d paid for the car and given it to him anyway: "I don’t have to be responsible with my money, someone else will buy things for me if I can’t afford it."  Hello, credit card company?  Hello, co-signed loans?  Hello, welfare state?  What I’m hoping he will get from this is the following: "If I lose money, I can work hard and/or be patient and earn it back."  That is the American way.  Or it used to be, anyway.  He is five, though.  Perhaps once Matt and I talk, we will decide to ‘lose’ a bag of money on the customer service desk and take Orion back to ask if they’ve found it.  Or perhaps it will stay lost and we’ll give him jobs to earn the money back.   I do know that with the maturity he displayed today, he will most certainly earn enough for that car even if the money ISN’T found and we DON’T decide to assist. 
2) Today is laundry day, Lithany was ‘out of pants’ (not true!!! Only out because she throws lots of unworn pairs in the hamper… more lesson learning today, apparently).  Instead of asking for help with finding pants, she drapped a hooded towel around her and came out saying that it was like her cape and her royal robe.  After pinning it on, puting on the pink feather boa and tying a hair scarf around the top of the ‘royal robe’ for good measure, she ran around in this for half a day.  I love her ingenuity.  Especially when it’s something I can smile instead of scold about.
3) Asa likes to jump.  He brought out the step-stool as per usual and began jumping off of it.  Sonata thinks this is hilarious.  It’s happened enough times that it didn’t do anything for me until he started looking out the corner of his eyes and saying "Oh GOOOODness!!!" and jump/falling off of it for the entertainment of all.  Who can have cabin fever with a kid like that?   He also was watching a praise song video this evening.  When they began playing "holy, holy, holy" he started saying "holy…cow… holy… cow… holy…cow"  My older two kids know that song.  Apparently I need to start singing my kids to sleep again, or stop saying holy cow.  Ah well, it was a good laugh.
4) Sonata looks like an inch worm when she flips over onto her stomach all swaddled up.  I know, not much press, but I didn’t want her to be left out, after all.
Things I don’t want to forget.  Things that merit remembering and retelling someday.  Just like all those homemovies that need edited and put into a ‘fun to watch’ format… somday.  Someday… Someday…. I think that’s what I’m supposed to be using my Sunday afternoons for.