Here it is…
Finally found a good, definitive health article written from an actually Biblical perspective.  One that applies real Biblical principles as opposed to following and often abusing descriptive texts and one that makes a perfect sort of logic sense rather than emotional ‘oh my gosh I’m so stressed out about what all these other foods would do to what could otherwise be a completely perfect untouched by sin in the world body!’ sense. 
Here is my official stance on eating in general…
Eating white sugar, calories, fatty foods, meat, alcohol, caffeine, vegetables, fruits, or pretty much anything at all within reason (probably not paint, for example…), counting calories, dieting in general (and I could probably add "exercise for the sake of reducing caloric intake" without stretching the author’s intent too far) not something I should spend alot of time concerning myself with.  

Yes, I am… as of this moment… through wading through studies, opinion, diet fad pages and random suggestions to find out ‘the truth’ about what -if anything- in the edible line is secretely poisoning us all through our consumption and through wondering if I am a horrible mother for not caring enough to just jump on the band wagon and take action against starch and the new danger from wheat and the fat in whole milk and that white sugar that several people in my life like to compare with cocaine.  This is my final answer, and only one of the MANY MANY reasons (weak and poorly supported arguments on the side of the prosecution of said foods make up most of the others) why I will (against the advice of thousands of experts, writings, ‘studies’, etc, and yet to the everlasting relief of my children and husband) NOT be putting myself nor any of the members of my family on any kind of eating restrictions in the future. 

However, since God does give bountifully to His children and what He gives is good and tastes pleasant, I perhaps SHOULD attempt to emulate THAT and put some effort into getting complete and appetizing meals on the table once in awhile… =) UNDERSTAND, however, that this desire for improvement is NOT based on an understanding of ‘the virtue of healthy versus the sin of non-healthy’ either.. it is merely addressing the BIBLICALLY SPELLED OUT sin of laziness.    And my struggle with gluttony (particularly where sugar cookies are involved) is also something I need to watch.  Laziness, gluttony… both ACTUAL problems that I will be glad to work on.  Amount of white sugar or any sugar cane byproduct, high fructose corn syrup, wheat, white flour, wheat germ, sprouts, fresh anything, fat, calories, etc??? Not even going to be on my radar except where gluttony is concerned… and where my efforts to provide pleasing meals is concerned… rules out tofu for us!  (For example, if we are being gluttons after sweets in general, the gluttony needs to be addressed… not the sugar intake per se.  Addiction to certain things such as caffeine would also be a problem.  Desire to ingest motor oil, probably needs a psychologist.  But these things need to be handeld just as I would address selfishness if someone grabbed the last carrot on the plate.  Same REAL sin being addressed.  Type of food… or even non-food item… being dealt with, not an issue.)

So let it be written, so let it be done.
And, oh, how the peace descends!!