I managed to hold it all in until after the festivities, but now it is upon me with abundance.

Down with Christmas.  Who needs it?

The toys are all unwrapped… the kids are back downstairs playing/watching a video game we’ve had forever and, as is the annual tradition, I’m stubbing my toe on old toys that aren’t put away mixed with new ones that don’t yet have a place.   Why do we do gifts again?

The downstairs that was spotless before Christmas is now littered with things, refuse and crumbs. 

Christmas decorations that were so ‘fun’ to put up are going to need to be torn down and put away… which this year means sorting through a gajillion totes to find the right spot and organizing said totes and finding a place for them which does not necessitate removing a van from the garage.  Fun fun.

Crabby kids from the busy days and festivities led to naps which leads to a late night while I wait for an appropriate amount of fatigue to settle upon them.  Meanwhile, I’ve become the tired and crabby one.

The surprises are all revealed… as are a few kinks that will cramp the style of said surprises.  Add to those kinks, which could be overcome easily with a positive attitude, my stinky attitude and suddenly the surprises aren’t as fun as they sounded initially.

It’s a great time to be snowed in, but my husband has to leave tonight despite the snow… no hot chocolate by the fire tonight! (‘course, with the kids up late, it wouldn’t be a great night for that anyway, I suppose.)

All of these things have a good side which collectively conquered the Scrooge tude when it tried to show up several times in the previous few weeks.   

Until now. 

I’m tired. 

So it’s time to SCROOGIFY

Bah humbug!