Had a Bible Study leader one time that wisely started the group out with the understanding that if you hadn’t done the ‘homework’ during the week, you were welcome to come listen, but were NOT welcome to contribute.
Today is Sunday. 
I’m thinking that if making God first in your life the rest of the week is a prerequisite for community worship, I don’t belong there this week. 
I would love to find myself holding true to commitments I want to make but don’t since I know I won’t keep them.
Battled with bitterness earlier this afternoon.  Wishing I had that licked for good or at least that I’d start battling bitterness in a different area so as to have a sense of progress.  Knowing none of these things will be truly cured until heaven.
Very, very, very melancholy day.
But becase these things bothering me means I still have the Holy Spirit working in me, I have hope that tomorrow will go better. 
And because that’s a good thought to end the day on, good night.