No, there is no official ‘Bible Time’ entered on our daily docket, however,
Today, after taking four children shopping DURING naptime we stopped at McD’s as a special treat for both the VERY good children and the mom who didn’t want to think about supper and wanted baths taken and beds made (no, we don’t usually make beds mid afternoon, but we’d stripped them for the laundry) before a VERY early bedtime and who decided that 4pm is a perfectly appropriate supper time for children who are going to bed in three hours or less anyway!
An older couple was sitting in the adjoining both.  Of course, they notice the older three, and getting up to leave spotted the youngest.
"OH!  You have a little one too!  Are they ALL yours?"
I did NOT say "Yes, we’re a little crazy!" NOR did I say "Yes, we are very blessed." which is supposed to be my new by-line.  But I did gush about how good they’d been and why we were there for a treat. 
Progress.  We’re making progress. 

It’s a good thing she didn’t ask me that two hours ago, though.  I might have blown it.