The following is a day that I willingly undertook and an example of what CAN be done (though is not necessarily advisable to do) with four children five and under…
Woke up to two children in my bed?  Started the night with one, son woke up saying "Mommy, are there lots of people in our bed?" to which I say "You had a strange dream, go back to sleep" and then find a few too many arms for just him. =) LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN to your children, mommy!!!! =)  
Fed baby
Milked cow (she’s kicking again and I’m only getting a gallon instead of a gallon PLUS, but that’s what I get for skipping two days!)
Cut hair (Both boys and the dad… and a few snips on Lithany’s just to keep all things equal)
Bathed three children (should have also bathed baby but didn’t)
Dressed, combed and changed as needed.
Begged husband to find and write down directions for me (he was instrumental in many other ways as well or we would have been later getting out the door)
Sent three children to get in the van and get buckled
Let chickens out of hen house – gathered eggs.  (EIGHT!!! – seven chicken eggs and our SECOND duck egg—that we’ve found, finding them will be much easier now)
Finished buckling third child, added fourth, a clothing/jacket bag, drink bag, diaper bag and purse and left home… at 10:30 am
Arrived in Lincoln.  Took all children to the bathroom.  Realized that handling four kids and three bags had left me unaware that I was not also carrying my purse.  Parked everyone next to grandma in the stands and went back to the unlocked van to retrieve my purse.  Good deal.
Watched a football game (the first one televised or otherwise that I, the girls and Asa have actually watched… second one for Orion since he watched an indoor one last July 4th.) -fed baby during halftime in the van, took Lithany to the bathroom three times BEFORE halftime.  Watched Orion show up on the ‘big screen’.   Watched our Refrigerator #70 pace the sidelines.  Watched a guy on the other team get flipped through the air (I think that’s what sold me on the game right there… though if Sterling had played that would have done it too.  His team made the first touchdown and held the lead for awhile, but lost 30something to 18? – see, totally not football fan material, here or I’d know all that.)
Gathered up all the aforementioned bags and children and headed out to hug the Refrigerator.  (You have to understand that this little nephew of mine is massive in person WITHOUT football pads on.  This is the first non-picture time I’ve seen him dressed out.  He IS actually like a refrigerator, though he bemoans his ‘chicken legs’.  All I have to say to that is "good grief".
Loaded back up in the van – drove home.
Unloaded four kids (three awake, one asleep, one crying to eat again),
Fed the baby
Fixed ‘cheesy bread’ – sliced cheese broiled on a bun… the kids think it’s fancy- dished out watermelon
Cooed with Sonata who has been virtually ignored (but definitely not un-stimulated) up to this point.  I love three month olds… they smile, they coo, they (depending on the kid) don’t cry as much, they sleep better.  They’re can entertain themselves with simple things, like their hands or the fan or your face and are on the threshold of laughing, but can’t crawl around and get into trouble yet.  It’s a great age.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, directing kids to get ready for bed.
Hand Sontata off to Grandma.
Put Asa to bed. 

Realize that preschoolers can be helpful in the next endeavor and ask an all too willing Lithany to change back out of pajamas (which she put on without complaint) to come help mommy and grandma.

Go out to the garage and sort most of the potatoes that have been drying or curing or whatever the proper term is in the bed of the pick up truck.  Give up when they ALL start looking sunburned due to the green cast they are taking on in the dim light.  Add "replace garage lightbulb" to my mental to-do list.
Take kids back in, read them stories (Have you ever read the ACTUAL story "Pinnochio"? I hadn’t until now, it’s pretty great!  I think we’re up to chapter 29), and put them to bed.
Count chickens and chase ducks into the hen house.  (Bless my husband who has helped me the past two nights in chasing them in, because tonight they headed in with just me herding.  I love it when animals figure out what they’re supposed to be doing!)  Feed them – for the next morning, not for tonight because they are already roosting. 
Check to make sure kittens have food.
Open barn doors which have been closed to prevent poultry access since we no longer want them roosting in there and befouling the hay or bugging my cow while we’re milking… now if the kittens will learn to stay out during milking!!!
Let cow in.  (another case of how easy things are when animals know what they’re supposed to do.)
Feed Tidus (now that the chickens and ducks aren’t out to scarf it all!!!)
Feed husband… I mean, make his lunch for tonight.
Check his uniform for ironing needs and see him out the door.
Sit down (in a CHILDLESS bed tonight) and realize that this has been a very full and exciting day.  Wonder what on EARTH I was thinking when I considered undertaking these things at all, let alone all in the same day.  Watch my mind dance when I realize that it all worked out with very few annoyances considering that children had no naps, only snoozes in the car – baby girl being the exception.  Realize that anything is possible with four children five and under if you have the energy and patience to undertake it (Usually I lack one or both of those!) and/or if all the children cooperate, but also know from experience that busy days like this, especially those without naps, don’t usually go this well. 
Become thankful that the only ‘new thing’ to do on my list AFTER tomorrow (which is food processing day) for this next week is adding Orion’s math class to our ‘new as of last week’ homeschool routine.  Hallelujah.  Now if I can just get our afternoon daily routine down, we’ll be set.  And, I think our family is going to survive making it to church tomorrow!!!!!  Thank you…
and GOODnight!