Yesterday the most wonderful thing happened.

Our dear neighbor Miss Cora asked Lithany to come help her plant flowers.  My daughter got to spend time being the biggest kid.  The responsible one.  The one someone WANTED to spend time with.  There were no other children there to fight with or to be annoyed by her peculiarities.  There was only ONE individual who had the time and patience to spend time just with her and appreciate her just the way she is.

Miss Cora even took pictures, and sent her potted flowers home with her along with a little watering can to care for them with.

Wonderful, wonderful thing. 

Also, we finally have pictures of our kittens.  There are four, though I’m afraid our peach colored one eluded our photography sessions.  We’ve been bringing them outside and then putting them away (same stock tank that held our broiler chickens) for a rest when I’ve… I mean THEY’VE had enough. 

Today we rescued one from our chimney, waited for two of them to come out from under the lilac bushes and watched them toy with each other while playing in, on and around a wood pallet.

The chickens came over for a look too.

So.. Fireball, Sunshine, Lucia and Sonic Butcher have come to live with us until cat calling leads them elsewhere.  Hopefully, they’ll catch a few mice and bunnies before they depart.