A few memorable moments with my small fry that I’d have captured on film if time would stand still long enough:

Asa peeking at me with a pumpkin face smile framed with strawberry gold locks.  All the more precious, since his curls are disappearing and it really is starting to look like we’re growing our DAUGHTER’s hair out.  Especially when it’s wet in the tub.  Time to buzz it, I guess.  I really should get a "Cherub" picture taken first, though.

Lithany sleeping during naptime.  (Okay, when her hair was streaming with water and she grinned at me with one lock running down between her eyes… that was special too… but the sleeping during naptime thing I think has happened once all this week.)

Orion taking my hand and looking up at me hopefully, wanting me to go through the sprinkler with him.  His eyes told me that he expected a refusal, but he asked anyway.  We did get ourselves pretty wet, in case you’re wondering.

OH!  And by the way… Tidus did not kill a single chicken today!!! Even though he’s been on leash but untied (to allow me to tie him up immediately if need be) most of the day.  I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I am about this.

This morning started out rough.  Really rough.  But we’re rounding on 7pm with happy kids, good spirits and an almost empty sink. 

Snowball even fed Chuck this evening.  (Though the place where she kicked his former horn bud looks kind of gruesome right now.)

I think this qualifies as a happy day.

—-That was yesterday, but is still true today…


Putting kids to bed.

Niece Star and sister Kathy and mother are on their way here  (Oh… and Jinx, a kitty from Wyoming who will be our mouser so long as she doesn’t start killing our laying hens and ducks.)

Other sister Cheryl digging out a stump to bring over as a chopping block.

All this in preparation of HOPEFULLY doing 100 broilers (okay… 98… two are crippled and therefore too small to do right now.)  in a single day (or two…  we have Wednesday and Thursday set aside for this).

Then sometime this week we get to drive to Bennington to pick up FOUR kittens!!! I’m so excited!!! So are the kids!!! They are from Chuck’s home barn.

We’ll let you know how our chicken operation goes… hopefully I don’t pass out when I start to clean out their pen after we’re done.  No more double wall waterers for indoor pens!  We’re using ones that WON’T leak and keep our barn floor wet all the time.  Expensive fill through the top ones.  That’s where we’re headed.

Also, our chicken killer refrained from chasing or killing chickens ALL DAY again!!!  Hooray!