UP: My children were very well-behaved while I cleaned up the remnants of yesterday’s toilet overflow mess (disinfected and all that)… PLUS, it was very nice in our house this morning, like under 75 and breezy until the afternoon!! 

DOWN: My youngest son is whining and tired before his time.  His profound lack of language skills is getting less and less tolerable as he gets more and more irritable and demanding and desirous of control.

UP: We get up and review our graph and prep for next week’s new lesson in the world of counting to five with teddy bears and pattern blocks!  They’re figuring out the calendar!

DOWN: My oldest two decided to be difficult and disobedient during the putting away stage of "Exploring counters and pattern blocks"

UP: My kids (except for the newly established water-phobe… the youngest… who used to be a water-baby… he’s so weird!) loved the sprinkler and were adorable playing in it.

DOWN: The middle one decided to have a tantrum (a loud, screaming one) when I refused her dripping body access to the house in favor of having her dry off on the swings.

UP: The cows were both in the paddock already when it was time to put Snowball in the stanchion!  AND my children were playing happily while drying off from their sprinkler play earlier.

DOWN: Snowball (our current nursemaid to her heifer Ebony and our adopted baby Chuck) kicked poor Chuck off enough times that the poor calf despaired of ever eating and gave up!!!  Then she proceeded to heist her body around and ‘brush’ me off with her hoof and kicked the bucket over twice when I tried to procure milk in his stead!! Stupid cow can just BE engorged and uncomfortable all night… and if you at all understand what that means to a nursing mother, you know just exactly how vindictive I’m feeling!  Hamburger anyone???

UP: We still have a leftover packet of colostrum from Bambi’s "I’m dying, WAIT I’m not!" show. (By the way, he frisks more than any of the others now!)
Further up: My children are dutifully sitting and reading as I’d instructed before I went out to milk. 

DOWN: Chuck isn’t interested in this fake stuff at all… though my dog is and is giving me fits for not sharing it with him.  The calf will, more likely than not, spill it before he decides he’s hungry enough to drink it.
Further down: I return to the house expecting my kids to be still in the throes of blissful obedience and anticipate offering an ice cream treat surprise for being so good for SOOO long (much longer than I anticipated due to Snowball’s attitude malfunction!), instead I see them both at the door, with it open, and the youngest half-way out to the barn… obviously not as obedient as I thought!  NUTS, I was looking forward to that ice cream.

Now I’m a complete mess from wrestling with cows and calves and getting milk from a kicked bucket splashed all over me… twice, by the way…, so I don’t wish to cuddle or read or do any other things with my children who don’t smell like bovine, I can’t ask them to sit and do nothing while I shower, since they’ve been doing that for a long time, and we’re still an hour out from bedtime.  Besides, I still have chores to do and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to clean up and put pajama’s on before going back out… and all my clean clothes are in the washer waiting to be moved over to the dryer… I suppose I could hijack Matt’s clothes,… IF he weren’t a stick, and I weren’t 8 months pregnant.

UP: I’ve whined online long enough that I could feasibly go do all but one of the end of night chores, then come in and send kids to bed and then shower and then go chase our ducks and chicks in once I’m cleaned up and in my jamma’s (It’s a relatively clean job assuming I don’t fall in anything!) 

DOWN: That means the kids go straight to bed without stories or any other consolation unless they stay awake until I’m cleaned up….

UP and DOWN: judging by the past several nights…. they’ll be awake LONG after I’m cleaned up.

Moral of the story:
So the pendulum continues to swing… the ups and downs of today aren’t truly that different from any other day… they are just higher and lower and right next to each other making them more noticeable.  And if we don’t have downs, the ‘ups’ don’t mean anything anymore.  It’s like if you had gormet chocolate EVERY DAY!  Pretty soon it’s nothing special and you take it for granted and hand it off to your kids and start looking for a BETTER gormet chocolate.  But if you generally eat M&M’s and once in awhile have a swiss candy bar…

You certainly won’t share it with your children…


I mean…

And thus my philosophizing comes to an end.