Here’s what’s going on at our house right now…

I have two sopping wet children out on their climber eating PB&J and hopefully drying out =).
I have another smaller, not-so-sprinkler-playing-inclined child doing the same. (He isn’t into things he doesn’t control, and the sprinkler wiggles on its own)
I’m prepped for math class.  We’re finally learning to read pictographs today instead of just playing with the manipulatives we’ll be using later.  I love that   
     we’re getting to the ‘fun stuff’!
One of our calves shed his duct tape hat that kept the dehorning paste off of the other cows last night.  It looks like maybe my honey and I did it right!
I have a bathroom in sore need of cleaning that’s waiting until the cooler hours of morning to be done. 
     (It’s been my experience that when the ac goes on, the outdoor play ceases!)
Meanwhile, I’m stashed in our cool basement (where we’ll be doing school soon) folding laundry, checking email and listening to TV episodes via the internet.

Life is good!