My husband showed up at 4:20 today.  For many of you, this is only an hour early, but you have to understand that at our house the man is usually gone from 9:30 am to after that time pm on Mon-Wed s.  Flip the am’s and pm’s around and you pretty much have his Thurs-Sat schedule.  Already you can see that I’m loved, right?  He still makes time to play with the kids, talk to me, help me build fences… I don’t know how he does it, my crab factor kicks in as soon as I miss a little sleep!  If he needed any further vouchers, my oldest brother who is 20 years my senior has the utmost respect for my man and reminds me how fortunate I am any time we have a chance to talk. 

Anyway, knowing that he has to be back to work by 5pm for his second shift, I was so surprised and happy to see him that of course the first thing out of my mouth is the ever welcoming "What are you doing here!?"

He had no other agenda.  Both the older kids were still napping.  The younger one entertained us.  We sat close, cuddled, chatted a little about projects, our youngest’s lack of speech and such and too soon it was time for him to go. That was an extra 20-30 minutes of drive time in exchange for 10 minutes at home. 

I already knew I had a great guy, but things like this just amaze me all the more. 

Eat your heart out, all you people not married to my husband!!! =)