I just pulled a small blue smile sticker off the bottom of my foot.  My son noticed it.  It must have been glaringly obvious since it was the only part of my body exuding happiness.

This has been one of ‘those’ days.

Plans were abruptly changed this morning.  Not a big deal, except you arrive home already behind… then it’s only a big deal depending on what that is combined with.

My youngest child hates being at grandma’s old house (ever since we started moving out of there, I wonder if he’s afraid that he’ll be left behind?!?) and is out of sorts for the rest of the day partly due to that upset and partly because he missed his a.m. nap and had to deal with only an afternoon one.

My daughter and other son are extra tired because it’s nice out and fresh air wears you out faster.  It may not be a scientific fact, but I am convinced that this is true.

Between my youngest son’s whining, my daughter’s drama and my oldest son’s newest phrase "I don’t want to!" intoned in the exact same manner as his cousin Katie who was here the other day (not her fault in any way… just a fact) plus the dog’s incessant whining from being tied up while we waited for the guineas that we released yesterday to come home… they haven’t…

Plus planting 2-3 bags of peas on my knees in the breeze if you please…(when you’re just pregnant, not a big deal… when you’re pregnant and HORRIBLY out of shape… big deal.  Like wiped out for the rest of the day big deal.)

Plus my still thwarted desire to get something built that will prevent my being kicked so the cows and I can practice getting along in a milking situation before it’s time.

I’m gritting my teeth by suppertime which was cold cereal by default.  Forget about counting my blessings, I’m counting the minutes left that I have to hold my temper and not explode with frustration. 

EVERYONE needs a bath.  Asa is done.  Smears chocolate chips from his cookie all over his face for fun immediately after.  Wash him off, tote him to his bed.  He’s a willing enough participant because he’s so very tired.

Lithany befouls her bath water… again… after being told previously that this was NEVER to happen again… after being sent to the potty immediately BEFORE bath time to avoid said occurrence.

I haven’t smiled without effort since my youngest son woke up fussing from his nap.  Now I can’t even force a smile.  Now I’m yelling loud enough for the neighbors to hear and call child services.

This child is the one whose escapades are most prone to make me laugh sooner or later (in this case it will be MUCH later!), but she’s also impervious to correction of any kind!!  Even my mother from Hades yelling today… the mildest correction will register with her when the mood is right and anything up to and including her mother’s temper tantrums all slide right off her when she wants to ignore them. 

The only sign that she was at all impacted by my very own temper tantrum was the submissive way in which she went to bed after I finished getting her washed and dressed.  Probably she was too deaf to hear what I said and too tired to do anything else.

My mother is distressed by the rough handling of the situation and is probably convinced that I’ve permanently scarred my daughter’s psyche.  Perhaps that is true.  Personally, it’s more likely that she tuned me out as soon as she figured out I was displeased about and went on a merry get away in her head.

I think she does that a lot.

Probably because she frustrates me a lot and therefore hears my voice a lot.

I love her dearly.  How can someone you love so much cause your worst side to pop out on a regular basis!?!?!?

I need a smile face sticker the size of my head for afternoon/evenings like these!!!