We’ve gotten ‘the call’.  The Title Company has FINALLY received the papers from the bank.  (We’ve been approved forever, it just took them this long to get their paperwork done.)  We can Finally sign at 3:30pm today.  Finally get the keys.  Finally unload cars that have been full of boxes for two weeks.  Finally schedule movers for this weekend (which so far is sunny and clear, happy day!).

The Maybe? is because I keep waiting for a second call that says "Oops… we forgot.  We can’t close today because…"

That would be about par for the course. 

If we do finally close, expect me to be nowhere near this computer for 2-3 weeks while we move in, finish moving mom out, set up fences, buy poultry and shop for a dairy cow.  Yes, I said dairy cow.  Just call me Betty.