It’s been one of those days that reminds me of why I am not a social person.

I’ve yelled instead of discussing things calmly with my children which always makes me want to crawl into a hole and pull it in after me.  This is fairly unrelated to the rest of the entry, and yet at least ONE example of my NOT being tongue tied when I should be.

Then, I had a fruitless conversation with my husband this morning where I said things that weren’t, apparently, geared for the male mind.

Then, I tried to have what should have been a simple conversation with my mother this evening about preparing for housing chickens.

Both of the latter times, communication was lacking.  This always leaves me with a multiple choice question:

A.   Are they intentionally being obtuse to be funny or to sound superior? (this DOES happen, though I
    would be remiss wondering that about either of these two particular people)

B.   Are my thoughts coming out of my mouth in an unclear fashion? (it is a rather LONG several inches
    between my brain and my mouth some days.)

C.   Are they or I merely not paying the amount of attention required to purchase the understanding or are
    there hearing difficulties. 

D.  Am I speaking in tongues?

E.   All of the above.

(Which, by the way, is a poorly phrased multiple choice question according to my assessment, tests and measures class book which apparently DID succeed in communicating something to me.)

Whatever the reason, I lack talent for general communication with people. 

I would prefer to limit my services in communication to the following:

Speeches that are already prepared and/or that are limited to a specific subject.  (or debates, but only with those who use logic rather than repetition or emotional appeal to make their points… No thank you, political candidates… not interested in your ‘so-called’ debating skills.) 

Conversations that I’ve already had, such as "weather talk", introductory stuff, and the other typical five questions you hear in a day.

Conversations that I’ve predicted and prepped for.  (which explains why I used to rehearse by talking to my car… talking to myself as whatever person I was prepping for, or talking to invisible others with whom conversations were pending… all of which mostly occurred in my car.  Now my kids look at me funny when I do that, so I’ve become self-conscious and ceased the ‘prep-talk’..  Perhaps this is the real reason why my abilities at communication is degenerating.)

Type your questions and conversations to me, people.  I’ll Instant message, email and blog all you want, but don’t ask me to have a coherent verbal conversation on anything.  At least not today.  And maybe not tomorrow.  And unless things improve, possibly for the rest of your life.

Now I’m going to bed to practice all the conversations I think I might have tomorrow.