It goes up, it goes down, it takes you in circles… can’t get a better one than this!

Yesterday morning, we were up.  Matt’s student loan gets Paid In Full today.  HOORAY! 

And we were supposed to sign papers no later than 8:30 am TODAY.

Accordingly, we had packed out the kitchen, bathrooms and many other items in preparation for moving the necessaries over today (Matt got these stashed in the cars so we could move them in right after signing at 8:30am), scheduled helpers and trucks for Saturday, and generally prepared to evacuate. 

We got a call.  A few of them, actually.  The bank hasn’t moved on our paperwork AT ALL despite the RUSH status put on it.  They have approved the loan, but haven’t done the necessary whatever it is they do to grant us a ‘clear to close’.  So… we have a loan, but we can’t use it yet???

So, we cancelled all the moving times, the sitter, and located a baking stone that we can use to plan our meals around (For those as unenlightened as I was before I received this item as a gift, it’s a super-special version of a cookie sheet, essentially.)  Today my husband brought us gifts of corn dogs, chicken nuggets and other items that we can eat solely with plastic utensils, styrofoam plates/bowls, and a baking stone.

We console ourselves by thinking that we can get more of the items readied for moving day, we can move in the kitchen/bathroom, etc next week before moving day on Saturday, etc.  The sellers are graciously signing a NEW purchase agreement (with a NEW latest closing date???) for us so that the bank will have what it needs.  Everyone is, um, thrilled….

We go a little higher when the gentleman who wants to buy our house calls and asks when he can sign official papers to get his now pre-approved loan finalized.  He comments about how long it takes to get these things done.  I try not to giggle hysterically.  We excitedly wait our call today to tell us the amount of the cashier’s check and start brainstorming available times for Matt to be there at the signing. 

MAJOR UP: This means I can soon quit showing my house and answering calls that came in response to my ad!

Then we get another call today.  Several, in fact.  We hear that we can’t possibly close on Monday.  Not only did the bank wait until too late to close on Friday (the LATEST date we were supposed to close) to do anything with the paperwork they’ve had ALL WEEK, but they also discovered that they forgot to ask for a paper that they need which requires assistance from a third party and after they get that scheduled and arranged it will be another 24-48 hours before they will be ready to close again.  Why no one noticed this until 4-5 days after we were supposed to close (Wed) or even before YESTERDAY afternoon (the day before we were REQUIRED to close), I have NO idea.  Either way, we’re now delayed on closing until MAYBE the end of NEXT week.  Down we go. 

Now we’ve gone full circle… AGAIN.  We are planning to close on Wednesday.  Latest date should be Friday.  Sound familiar?   In the meantime, our mouthwash and other items are FREEZING in our cars because we are too unmotivated to move those particular boxes ever again. 

In the meantime, we are all going stir-crazy without a ‘home’ and being in limbo.  The kids are sick of being confined to a single room that is equipped to dwell in and miss their toys, I’m sick of children who think my goal in life is to entertain them (I mean, they haven’t had any chores or regular responsibilities for three months, what else could my job possibly be??) and of my naturally clumsy self having to trip over extra things like boxes an trash bags and other packing paraphernalia… oh.. and fielding calls and trying to tie up loose ends.  Matt is tired of sleeping on the broken mattress we are using (We have new ones in the garage from Christmas gift time, but unwrapping them and hauling them up the stairs for the month (now two… going on three? that we were still going to be here seemed a little crazy at the time. Mom is just sick of the ups and downs.

OH!  And I have to go to the dentist to fix a tooth that’s been bothering me since before Christmas.   If there is such a thing as "detiphobia" I have it. 

Part of me wants to scream.  The other part is resigned to more practice with the whole ‘resting in the midst of turmoil’ phenomenon.  

What a ride, people, what a ride!