After floating between three different loans in as many months, we are scheduled to close Friday morning at the latest.  (We PREFER Thursday)

Persons who are NOT me are scheduling movers/trucks.  (I’m done scheduling and coordinating for at least the next eight years.)

Now we have need of only ONE MORE LOAN.  The one that our NEW buyer needs for our home.  He will get a ‘yes or no’ tomorrow.  He says he’ll continue to pursue a loan even if this one doesn’t work out.  (He knows he can get A loan, but he wants a FIXED RATE loan.  I concur!)

God is very good to us.  It’s always interesting to start leaving the end of the turbulence, only to find that any ‘lack of rest’ you undertook during the thick of things didn’t make one small bit of difference.  That something was always going to work out, though not as you planned… and almost always BETTER than you planned.

So, one more loan, and all is well.  Actually, it’s pretty good now, come to think of it. 

Now, if only I could make things pack themselves…