I realize that it’s ungrateful of me to be tired of all the phone calls, curiosity or otherwise, and all the requests for showings for our home.  Heaven knows we want it sold, and I am aware that it takes many showings, many calls, much interaction with many people to find "the one".  The Buyer.

However, I have already declared to those in this household that once our house is sold and the new house closed on, that I will no longer answer my phone.  This will continue for about one week.  I will set a special ring tone for my special person and ignore ALL other calls. 

Today, I had only calls in the morning.  No one has called me this afternoon or evening.  Blessed silence.  Blessed peace.  Blessed lack of speaking.  Blessed lack of repeating myself to the point of insanity.  (No prospective buyers either, but we won’t dwell on that point.) 

I’ve never been a people person.  I like solitude, being alone with my thoughts and long, silent sessions with books, animals and other non-verbal entities.  Being a mother makes this tendency towards solitude and silence hard enough, but now that my phone is literally ringing with back-to-back calls, it’s entirely impossible.

Yes, after the sale of both houses is closed… consider me deaf and mute for at least one week.