{NOT a movie review}

So, having run into a few more snags, and getting thrown a few more wrenches, whether or not we get our acreage now depends on something other than our being granted our loan this next week (although that would also be a deal breaker should we not receive it). 

At this point, I don’t care where in location we end up as long as we are ‘home’ before mid-March.  Being at an interim point for so long is wearing on all of us.  We need to move forward in some direction or other. 

In the meantime, our Winslow home is posted for one month as a For Sale By Owner.  At the end of said month, we will probably turn it over to a Realtor. 

So, we’re waiting to see if our house sells, waiting to see if livestock can be kept on my mother’s current property ("Call us back in March." was the answer she received), waiting for a verdict from my sister as to her future plans which hugely affect ours (who probably won’t know until her husband’s job offer closes… another month?), and waiting to hear from our lender to see if he was able to secure that "X + Y" loan where he couldn’t get us Y + ‘X loan’. 

Waiting…. waiting… waiting…

But now, we have come to the point where we simply CANNOT wait any longer to determine a direction.  At this late stage, our buyer deserves to know whether or not we plan to carry out our proposed purchase (assuming the loan goes through).  This decision NEEDS to be made by the end of the week, without necessarily knowing any of the other variables.  Suddenly blind, we go back to squinting at the future to see what on earth we’re going to do.  If we are not purchasing our new house, the sellers deserve to know two months ago… or at least as near to now as possible.

New information, new direction?  New information, carry on in the old direction?  I suppose this is like an adventure, but it feels more like a headache. 

I think I’ll go bliss out on brownies and ice cream in front of JAG and forget about it.  Maybe by tomorrow my other half or the older, wiser one of our household will have a solution, answer, direction, thought that I hadn’t previously considered. 

I hereby pause my ‘back to the future’ for an intermission lasting no less than 8 hours and involving copious amounts of chocolate.