Good grief! Who puts DAILY entries on their blog?!?!  I’m sure witty and amusing people or informative and insightful people do, but rambling about daily happenings?  Every. Single. Day.

Well, let no one say that my knowledge that I’m weird deterred me from being so in any way, shape or form.

So… today I found out that we weren’t getting our house.  Our buyer apparently neglected to mention that he had no funds to apply towards his down payment.  Not a problem when applying for the VA loan they started out working on, big problem with a conventional loan.  So… no buyer, no loan for us.

Then I got a second call.  we’ve been pre-approved for a loan if, instead of applying our proposed down payment amount to the actual down payment, we apply it to our mortgage and get rid of that debt. 

See if this makes sense to you…

Instead of getting a loan for X amount while being in debt for Y amount, we pay off the Y amount and go in debt for X + Y…. For some reason, that’s.. um.. better???  Maybe my math-major-carrying oldest brother can help me out here, but somehow I doubt it. 

WHATEVER!  Long as we get our loan so that everybody and their dog is happy.    Hopefully, this time it works and quickly.  We have about 16 days to get a loan approved and be ready to close.  Oooh.  That’s also how much time we have to help mom finish packing up her home.   And I didn’t bother today because we weren’t getting our house until around four this afternoon.   16 days.  For some reason with all of the false alarms of “Not getting the house/Getting the house”, my momentum has been severely disrupted.  The idea of having 16 days to pack just makes me want to say “Yeah, right!  You tell me that and then after I take down, pack, and carry around several walls worth of decorations and closets-worth of clothes and shelves worth of things, you’re going to tell me that it was all for naught and that I have to undo it all… How’s about I wait until we KNOW we’re moving.  Like, for really, certainly sure know.”

Like I said, completely unmotivated and skeptical.  This could be the reason that I’m blogging daily instead of packing frantically.  So, until I’m convinced that we’re seriously, truly getting our loan, prepare to see daily installments of the mundane facets of my little life. 

I think instead of packing tomorrow, I’ll bake chocolate bread and cinamon rolls. 

Yes, THAT I could get motivated to do.