In a little under 24 hours, I will either have heard from everyone having anything to do with our house sale/purchase or will have called and nagged everyone that I resisted calling and nagging today.  (Fortunately, our finance guy is planning to help with the nagging a little so I shouldn’t be too hoarse.)

Speaking of hoarse, my dear daughter threw several back-to-back screaming fits this morning (and a few more this evening), culminating in her exiting the room she was sequestered in, still screaming, to yell “My Throat Hurts!!!”.  Apparently she wasn’t joshin’, because she is certainly gravelly tonight!  Maybe that is the true secret to stopping screaming fits… letting them scald the surface of their throat with their own naughtiness.  Good thing my husband recently bought me earplugs. 

Speaking of secrets, we are back to using a timer to stipulate our video game usage.  One time in the morning, one time in the afternoon.  This afternoon, my poor son looked at me forlornly and asked (so politely and sweetly), “Mommy, tomorrow can we do games without the timer?”  He didn’t fully appreciate my answer.  This poor child needs some constructive activity.  His lack of purpose and abundant energy are driving him beserk and we’re stuck riding there with him.  He wants to help and be involved in things, I’m just having a hard enough time figuring out how to pack things that I can’t find good ways for him to make himself useful.  I can’t wait until we are ‘home’, wherever that ends up being, back on a schedule, doing chores and working on school.  “Oh, what a wonderful day that will be… day I will never forget…” I can, however, wait for the grumbling, shirking, and laziness to portray itself in even greater amounts than it already does with him since he’s been glutting himself on entertainment he thinks he needn’t do anything for himself or work hard on anything.  Easy or fun things… okay.  Anything with the taint of difficulty or tedium… sulk and whine.   Yes, I’m sure productive activity and routine is at least part of the answer.

Speaking of answers, I would love to know if my one year old walks like a marrionette because of his strange “presentation” prior to birth (I’d walk funny if my heels were forced to cover my ears for a month or so, too… heck, I walk funny now without an excuse) or if it’s all part of the ‘leg straightening’ stage of growing up.  Feet splayed out, I understand.  Hips and legs that turn out and legs that move as if the knee is the leader… that’s getting a little weird.  Plus, with this new observation same the hind-sight observation that his crawl seems to also have a noticeable ‘splay’ to it.  I have not yet decided if this is something that warrents an extra and early visit to our doctor or if we should wait it out a few more months and see if they straighten on their own by his 18 month check-up date.  Oh the obnoxious decision making.  This child LOVES to toy with my brain regarding his health.  I think it give him at least as much pleasure as flipping up the couch cushions with his sister.

Speaking of sisters… nope.  I don’t have any bunny trails from here.  At least not yet.