1) I am not a patient person.  That is one of my least exercised, most underdeveloped traits.

2) We’ve been trying for four months to close on our home with our potential buyer only to be delayed by concerns over his VA loan approving our home for purchase (they’re perfectionists and our house is far from perfect), the switch to a different loan with less stringent guidelines, the holidays… all of which delayed the appraisal until about a week and a half ago.  At which time the appraisal came in far below what the buyer wanted to purchase the house for. (This is fine with us, but our separate agreement to cover part of the repairs with our proceeds… that went up in smoke)

3) At which time, we also found out that Matt and my loan for our new house is contingent on the sale of our home. 

4) At which time our buyer explained that he needed to have access to cash to do some rearranging in the kitchen and bathroom before his fiance would be interested in pursuing the sale.  (We’ve lived in it for 5 years without a problem, but people have different tastes and levels of requirement)

5) At which point, we contacted the title company, got fee estimates so that we knew EXACTLY how low we could go and EXACTLY how much of the funds between that price and the appraised price of $42,000 could be used towards the repairs. 

6) We offered him $3,000 towards repairs.  Previously (When he was purchasing it for $50,000) he was getting $8,000. 

7) I have been fielding calls from our realtor, and the two finance people she’s been putting pressure on to get these sales going, all of whom are highly anxious since the people we were buying from have already started shipping their stuff to their new location… so now I’m the bad guy for all four parties PLUS my buyer.  This is not helpful.

8) We called our buyer the same day our finance guy broke the news about the “Either sell your house, or no loan.” and gave him the scoop.  He said he would call us last night.

9) At 9:30pm, I finally broke down and called him.  Got his answering machine.

10) It is now 10:30am the next day. 

Can we say “Freaking Out!”????