As with signing, Asa decided to go from 0-60 in 3 seconds. He has not walked more than that tentative half-step, half lurch from one object to another until yesterday afternoon when he easily walked three paces from one chair to the other.  I did not believe mom when she told me.  Today, when I watched him walk almost the entire length of the living room… the doubting Thomas was silenced forever.  He still only uses walking as a new toy.  Anything serious requires crawling, but it’s obvious that this will not be a difficult learning process for him. 

I suppose this is why he does not talk either.  Oh, he teases, certainly.  After hearing me scold our dog, he said "Down!" several times in succession for four seconds never again to repeat it.  He imitates the pitches involved in "Hello" when he picks up the toy phone.  My mother SWEARS he said "SIT" one day when we tried our new tactic of ignoring his standing up in the rocking chair (secretly hoping he’d fall out and bonk himself silly so we don’t have to deal with this common "let’s frustrate the adults" routine anymore.)  That’s all we have to go on.  Little teasing examples of what he’s capable of.  He’s just setting us up for a huge response when he suddenly issues his first hour long proclamation on world affairs next month. And judging on the amount of walking I witnessed this evening… an hour is the minimum. 

By the time we move into our acreage, he’ll probably be ready to run out in the road for kicks and grins.  I was so excited about being able to let the kids out to play without worrying about that this year when Asa’s development starts shrieking, "Think again, mom!  Think again!"  Maybe we can train our 60 pound, lay head on the table without effort dog to grab him by the diaper and haul him back when he reaches a certain distance.  Maybe we’ll just get an extra collar to go along with our invisible fence we hope to install for the dog??? (JUST KIDDING… but kidding very wishfully =) )

In other news, my sister-in-law gave me this idea of having ‘quotes of the day’ from your kids.  I think our winner today is:

"You broke my liddle heart." (with teary eyes and quivering chin, no less.) Orion is not handling correction well.  He likes to run away and sulk instead of smiling and saying "okay, mom/dad" when we tell him that his actions need to cease/tone down/change direction.  We’re working on this, but it adds up to quite a lot of extra correcting.  Thus, the breaking of his poor little heart when I told him he wasn’t allowed to take things from his sister while we were unloading the dishwasher.  Why he is so bothered by these things, I’m not sure.  I realize that it’s hard to keep up with a little brother who’s at that exciting "first everything" stage of life and a little sister who can’t help but draw attention to herself either negative or positive… But he gets to sleep in my bed.  He plays video games.  He goes on DUMP RUNS with me, for pete’s sake… what could be better than that? =)  

"You can taste it in my mouth!" Was the response given to big brother when he asked if she would share another piece of birthday candy (the last of which she had just barely finished consuming.)  Much more amusing than when she explained that she had washed the phone after I located a waterlogged handset next to the sink today. 

She sends me to my wits’ end on a daily basis. 

For example, I’m reminding her to lay down on her pillow and cease the kicking of the wall, to which I get a variety of responses… the first of which is…
"The wall is just fine, so let me be."  (Although this is cheerfully and matter-of-factly spoken, it earns her the reminder that she is not to sass and that I’m flicking
                                                       her mouth next time)
"I’m laying here until she (the doll) calls for me" (after moving to the OPPOSITE end of the bed from the pillow where her head is supposed to be once her doll
                                                                       was aptly covered and put to bed so that she wouldn’t keep Lithany awake… you can probably tell that this is
                                                                        not where the conversation started.. or ended.)

This is followed by various explanations on why she is moving "she needs me", why the doll is not the culprit keeping her awake and thus does NOT need to come sleep on my bed "she’s already asleep!" and why I.. the mother… am being loud enough to wake her baby up when she is just trying to rest. 

Then, as I get after her for the last time about keeping her feet off the wall she interrupts with "I’m going to call you Oinky!" and closes her eyes.  That’s the last I heard from her this evening.  Notwithstanding that this line is from one of her favorite videos… I don’t think I could have disciplined her properly if it HAD been a rude statement designed to be sassy.  She always leaves me reeling with shock and/or laughter from her comments.  Is correction effective if you’re laughing your head off during the process? 

Sometimes I think they intentionally throw me off base.  Today, the two come cheerfully out to lunch (having shut their game off and put their toys down and EVERYTHING) saying "I smell something to eat.  We’re going to eat like good kids."  Only to go from that statement to whining about forks versus spoons and "I don’t like that" and spitting food back out with one of them landing in time-out before the first bite is even taken.  Talk about switch-ups.

Leaping and bounding from laughter and joy to shock and horror on a daily basis.  What a ride.