That phrase of the song was appropriately in my head as we made the first of three dump runs this week.
Appropriately, because we’re saying alot of goodbyes.
Goodbye cookie bakers.
Goodbye weight loss goals.
Goodbye loads of trash that we’ve for some reason kept all these years and never noticed how ridiculous it was.
Goodbye other items that aren’t trash but also aren’t used and were also kept all these years (hello bunk bed frame that we essentially traded all our junk for – consignment stores are great!)
Goodbye rooms that we painted specifically for our kids that will probably be quickly redone in something trendy and blah. (Ditto Orange Bathroom!)
Goodbye fence that allowed me to NOT have to walk my dog.
Goodbye Christmas Eve traditions.  (We knew it was only a matter of time before these faded out… my older brothers and sisters are having to start traditions for
THEIR grown children now.)
In the midst of an ice storm last night we made our second to last ‘we’re moving out’ run with our van.  THere are still some items to be gathered and some other items to be trashed (four dump runs from a single house.  Pitiful!  Nothing like deciding whether something is worth carrying four times to put its worth in perspective.)  Yes…. last NIGHT.  During the ICE STORM.  Stupider yet, we let our four year old come help us.  It was great.  We had a blast.  Nothing like trying to wash the ‘under the stove’ scum off the floor when the drips from your hot water bucket are freezing upon impact with the counter.  Wiping up gray slush while trying not to fall on your bum.  Good times.
OH!  and the new occupant is the proud owner of some stepping stones that are semi-permanently frozen into the ground. 
One more run, and we’ll be done.  But first, we should perhaps unload the van from last night???