Christmas baking time?  And it’s finally December 1st, so I don’t mind the Christmas music or the Christmas decorations or anything!  Bring it on.

My mother’s lawn was fairly well decorated when the kids and I pulled up after our Thanksgiving getaway. 

During that single thankful week at Matt’s point of origin, I turned my smallest toe into a middle-toe size and changed its color to purple (Orion thought it was cool looking, but I did too, so…), took my infant in AGAIN (3rd time in two weeks… but this has happened before also) for fevers that show up, disappear, show up, disappear.  Not regular fevers of 100 or 101 that could be teething but, say 104.5 or so.  Same answer every time… “It’s a virus… keep the fever down.”  As long as there are no other symptoms, don’t worry too much.  When he doesn’t have a fever he seems perfectly healthy, but what perfectly healthy child randomly spikes 103 plus fevers on a semi-regular basis??? It’s a conundrum, that’s for sure.

Despite all these fun things, our week was great.  We found out how many Roberts it takes to successfully prepare a packaged gravy mix (the count is four, if you want to know), played a lot of Blitz… met the three newest members of our family (two kittens and a westie puppy), saw relatives we hardly ever see and watched home movies of Matt’s family when they were small.  Oh, the new memories I have!  (and the new blackmail!)

Anywho.  Good times, great food.  No Matt.  He had to leave Thursday (all the ‘far away’ guests arrived on Wednesday afternoon/evening) for his job and couldn’t return to get me until Sunday when all had left.  Good thing he was home to help me manage the installation service nursery influx, though.  That was happy.  Besides, he hates it when I beat him at Dutch Blitz anyway.

It’s good to be home with him.  And it’s so easy to feel blessed when you’re keeping up on a blog for a very ill, hospitalized little girl and thinking about what those parents must be going through.  I’ll be thankful for those fever spikes my child does anyday after reading what they’ve been going through.

All in all, it was a very thankful time for me.

Now we’re on to Christmas, compiling shopping lists versus what mom already has stockpiled in her freezer for our 2-3 day baking marathon.  Yes, it’s that time again.  The time when my middle and youngest sisters (and my ‘other’ sister – non-related … OH! and my youngest sister’s mom in law…) anyway, the time when all those people get together to bake 30 or so different types of candy and cookies, make huge messes, clean up loads of oversized baking sheets and tupperware bowls, and taste test until we’re too full to eat anything for lunch or dinner.

My mother has written up two pages of ingredients that we will need already, and we’re not done.  It’s my job to take her list and compile it so that we’ll know EXACTLY how many pounds of peanut butter (yes, pounds), containers of oatmeal (yes, containers) and super-sized bags of flour we’ll need for the big day.  The idea being to cut down on our ‘run to the Hooper store to pick up this… now that… then this…’ part of the tradition.

If only I weren’t striving to get back into my pre-pregancy (a year ago) pants by spring.  AHHH, we’ll have an acreage by then and I’ll be working it off all the time… BRING ON THE PEANUT BLOSSOMS!  On DIVINITY On Toffee Treats On Cookies and Fudges!

Okay, that was enough rapturous salivating and meandrous (brand new word, people) typing/thought patterns for one night.  Fare thee well, baker’s chocolates, fare thee well.