OK, so I’ve had some ‘heavier than normal’ entries, but this is really just about heavy STUFF.  The heavy stuff that has finally been REMOVED from my mother’s junk room to be exact.  Three pallets of shingles to be carried down and out from the last roofing job (even after all these years my brothers don’t pick up after themselves!!! =) )… I left that for Matt.  In place of all that heavy stuff, there are three beds in place for our kids and a single chair for me to sit in while simultaneously sitting on said children about sleeping and not playing with one another.  The closet in their room is still filled to the top with boxes of fabric, but that’s something that can be dealt with later. 

This Sunday afternoon, we will be moving all the ‘essentials’ over.  You know, the computer first, clothes, toiletries, the kids’ bedding.

Then, this next week will be spent cleaning up our house, winterizing pipes and shutting off utilities.  Then the week after next week, my Realtor gets back from vacation and can put it on the market for us.

The week after that, we work on getting my mom’s house in order so that hers can be put up for sale. 

Then on to an acreage.  We hope. 

Worst case scenario, our houses will finally be clean when we find out the market is too bad to sell them.  (AFTER I walk the dog every couple of hours in the freezing cold because the yard at her house isn’t fenced, of course… forced exercise, I think they call that!  Oh well, hobby farm chores happen in the cold too, I might as well get used to it.)

In the meantime, let’s the heavy stuff lifting continue!