Bad news: My daughter fell into the window
Good news: She’s okay
Bad news: Window’s not
Good news: This particular window is only a few inches above the lower level roof line which allows access.
Bad news: I still hate heights
Good news: I remember to measure the window before going to town
Bad news: I can’t find a tape measure and using twine to measure doesn’t work either… it stretches
Good news: The glass was in GINORMOUS pieces (as opposed to shatters) so we can simply transport it in and make THEM measure it
Bad news: We’re nearing 5:30… the glass cutters are going to leave us
Good news: We arrived at ACE just in time to get our window
Bad news: It’s getting dark.  Up high.  On slanted roof.  Dark.  Hmmmmmmm.
Good news: Starlette is inside the window to grab me if I fall (and the light is on in the kids’ room)
Bad news: After I put the window in, I’m on my own.
Good news: We purchased little galzier pointy window securer thingys that secure the window.
Bad news: Good thing, cuz it’s dark, the wood is supposed to be primed and brushed and wiped before applying the glazier’s putty.
Good news: Window is in, albeit, needing glazed.
Bad news: How do I get down?
Good news: My niece is a genius and opens the window to let me back in. 
Bad news: I feel like a complete idiot.

More later.. like tomorrow when I try to finish the job.  What a day.