Well, the man of the house has officially begun his two week-long training.  The good news (I think) is that he’ll be home on the weekends with us.

Meanwhile, I am committed to assisting my mother in her attempt to de-junk her junk room.  The fun part is… this is a full sized bedroom, stacked above the windows.  We’re talking junk dating back to my grandmother’s grandmother.  We’re talking an entire closet stacked with boxes that are filled with fabric.  We’re talking 843.2 different crafty type projects and the materials to do them with.  We’re talking my old spelling papers, Tim’s old coloring pages and clothes that date to the turn of that last century. 

My mother owns a two car garage.  We are currently boxing things according to “craft, fabric, home interior” and trying to sort out the rest.  I’m pretty sure that those three categories ALONE will finish filling her garage. 

On a happy note, I found my pretend cassette that transforms into a stegasaurus.  So that’s cool.  OH and I have all the wallpaper books and yarn that my children will ever need for crafts.  The other happy note is that we’re actually getting somewhere.  We’ve attempted this before on numerous occasions.  This time we’ve tackled probably half of the major sorting.

On a sad note, we will soon be to the books and bookshelves portion of the junk room.  I hate sorting books.  I stink at it.  My only ideas at the moment are to 1) donate all the Bibllical studies and such like things to our church library.  (do they take antiques?) and 2) sell all the old health, grammer, and science elementary manuals to an antique dealer.  The rest of them that are not damaged (yes, I’ve finally started throwing away broken books at our house!  It still makes me cringe, but I do it anyway) we’ll have to keep!  That’s all there is to it.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come to my house and then stop at my mom’s and steal at least 100 books from each.  We can’t store them, we can’t get rid of them.  This is the ONLY feasible solution.  Just don’t take… um… never mind.

I get to ride a horse tomorrow.  That’s had me hopping around today singing “I get to ride tomorrow!”  Happy days are here again.

All that and more on the all Caryn Roberts all the time channel of this blog.

Thank you and good night.