I have probably lost my “All time careless parent” award and traded it in for points in the “over-cautious” category. 

While taking my fever-ridden child to Urgent Care Saturday night after consulting with the on-call doctor was prudent and got him diagnosed with an upper respiratory and ear infection (although apparently the two are tied together?  I didn’t realize ears had become part of the respiratory system, but perhaps they just get caught up in the party in the respiratory system due to proximity… whatever.  Both doctors used a “whoa!”-like response to my child’s right ear.) the running him into the ER early Sunday morning was apparently overkill.  While one doctor says “fevers that high need checked out in children under 1”, the ER doc says “fevers aren’t a big deal if they’re acting normal… tepid baths, etc to bring it down.”

Before I talked to the FIRST doctor, I knew that already.  After talking to him the day before and finding my child still feverish an hour after meds, I forgot (It WAS, after all, 4am! I have excuse to be muddled!)

Now, thanks to that precautionary doctor and my four am paranoia, I subjected my son and I to an extra hour of lost sleep for apparently no cause.  Today, with nothing more than what was already prescribed by Urgent Care, my son is MUCH better and back to bossing us around.  He’s even starting to nibble real food again.

I can’t BELIEVE that I wasted Careless Parenting Award points on that!!! =)