Is ‘green’ fashion sustainable? Designers say yes

Some avoided fur and used recycled paper for invites at Fashion Week

Can we just take a moment and notice the irony here? 

Fashion people….

Considered GREEN?

Consumerism is one of the most prevalent players in the whole pollution enterprise, fashion designers prey on this consumerism by creating items that are not purchased for long term use, yet if they use RECYCLED materials and don’t use fur, suddenly they are ‘GREEN’?

I realize that people who start out in Houston and are traveling to New York are sometimes found in Chicago along the way… that we need to give them time to reach their destination before chewing them out.  I just wanted to bask for a small moment in the irony of the perpetrators and purveyors of the prevalent predicament proclaiming and pontificating about promising perks.

GREEN + fashion/consumerism.  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Disclaimer: The author is in no way claiming to be ‘green’ or discouraging others from being ‘green’… just pointing out that in the consumer and fashion circles “It’s not easy being green.”