We now live in “Star-dom”.  It’s a happy, but still messy, place.

Black cat rules the upstairs.  Pretty lamps and light up bears tantalize my children.  People talk and laugh together.  Adults do stupid things together and then spend twenty minutes gasping for air from all the laughter.  I have someone to speak of books with and give me ‘second opinions’.  And I am much more patient with my children whenever there are witnesses. 

Tomorrow she will nag me to clean (she promised!) 

The next days she will help me instate -hopefully for good this time- a loose schedule that will keep the kids and I happier and more productive (long term, that is.  In the short term it is a much resisted and annoying device which won’t happen without much patience… thus the help from Star.)

And I told her I’d work on setting up “playdates” for her with other adults. (Would anyone like a graham cracker and a nice cup of milk before we play twister??)

I like it here in Stardom.