1) This week is VBS at church. I’m supposed to be teaching the kindergarten class…. except
2) Asa woke up fine this morning, but developed blistery spots around 9 am.  This means his chicken pox have been contagious for.. oh… say… a week.  He was in nursery BOTH Sunday and last night.  I’ll be the favorite mommy in the whole church very soon. =)
3) A dear friend from church picked up my oldest just now and is taking him on errands with her and her children so that he will be in town for his own class which he would otherwise have to miss.  Bless her.
4) Sometime today I need to brown hamburger and put together a hamburger/potato casserole, lest the digging, washing and cubing of said roots be in vain as they turn brown (or black) in my refrigerator.  I also need to make cookies with my daughter (for daddy’s lunch), get uniforms pressed and ready to go, and a few other things that my brain is mercifully forgetting about right now.
5) Tomorrow I will be driving my husband to work so that I can take the pox kid in through the back door of the Dr.’s office…. then I will be asking my mother to watch a sick child and a middle child so I can take an older child to VBS and teach K classes for Wed. and Thurs.
5) Next Wednesday Starlette will be moving in. Hopefully Asa will be better by then.
6) Between now and then, I need to sort toys, move our stuff downstairs and clean out the closet in her room.
7) Shortly after Starlette arrives, we’ll be celebrating Orion’s and then Matt’s birthday
8) In honor of said birthdays, Matt’s folks are visiting the labor day weekend. 
9) The Friday after that, our ladies Bible study starts
10) I will miss that first day, because there is a conference in MO that weekend that I plan to attend.

Instead of doing anything at all about these things (indeed few of them other than those listed at #4 are things I can do anything about right now anyway), I’m going to go take a nap until my 2 year old wakes up.  Sometime in the second week of September, our feet should touch down again. Until then, good night.