12 hours later (interstate is only faster if you have NO children…) we are home.  We’ve slept in our beds.  Made brownies to ‘remember the Wyoming Dockweilers by’

Our kids accomplished a lot at Uncle Kenny’s house.

Asa cemented his reputation as a mooch.  We have video of him scolding Uncle Kenny for not sharing fast enough.

Lithany renamed all of their cats (Jimmy, Persian, and Jinx are now known as Jenny, Martian, and Schninx)  Furthermore, Ice Age is now known as “Night Stage”.  But that was Orion’s contribution.  We were all very confused when Lithany asked us where Martian went the first time.  Orion explained.  We were all very confused when Orion asked for Night Stage as a movie…. Lithany explained it.  They work well together.

Orion watched his first ever live softball and football games and was the only member of our family represented at the football game and subsequent fireworks.

Lithany and Asa together traumatized their Aunt ‘Neese while she watched them for me… (I was out grilling my nephew about his girlfriend.)… Lithany was merely herself, falling off slides and tripping and getting bit by the cat, and screaming bloody murder over a bumped arm.  Asa, however, choked badly enough to require the back thumping baby CPR thing-a-jig done three times.  You’d think he would be MORE of a momma’s boy after that, if it were possible, but instead he decided that if Aunt Denise is willing to rescue him, she must be alright.   

Orion sailed his boat in an out of the way stream on “Casper Mountain” that required crouching, mud wading and climbing to get to.  The effort was worth it…prettiest place we saw there.

Now we’re home.  Back to the bug swarms and humidity.  Back to making our own meals and a usually fellow-adult-less house.  Back to Matt.  

That last one makes the rest okay.