So we’re all the way to Wyoming.  From the sounds of things, we not only had the longest trip (12 ish hours), but also the funnest one.
We have two new van songs:
Uncle Kenny, here we come, here we come
We’re tired of sitting on our bums, on our bums
So here we come singing fee fi fo fum
Uncle Kenny, here we come, here we come.
and same tune second verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse:
Here we are driving down the road, down the road
I hope that we do not hit a toad, hit a toad
Cuz toads go SQUISH and we’d go “ISH!”
Here we are a-driving down the road, down the road.
Uncle Kenny’s softball team had a severe shortage of players, so we’ve watched NOT JUST him, but also pinch hitters/fielders Uncle Roy and Uncle Tim LOSE badly.
It was still fun.
We’ve stayed up late.  My kids are learning to be comfortable in water.  Uncle Kenny is great for Orion.  Asa would just take off if he had gills.  No fear, man! 
Lithany does fine unless she gets water in her face.  Not sure if this is true water aversion or just a control power play.  Who cares!!
My son is at an indoor football game tonight under the wings of his 13 year old cousin who is painstakingly spelling out all his football knowledge (Very necessary since my son’s mother… me… knows baseball better than football and was trying to tell him that the next batter was in the bull pen.  If you’re as confused as I was… the bull pen is for pitchers.  FYI)
Then they will be going to the fireworks.  Lithany, Asa, Randee and I are hanging at the big house watchin Jonah the Veggietales movie for the umpteenth time this weekend.  I hope my pastor watches this, or he might leave some of these important details out of his series. 
We have one more day in paradise… no mosquitos, cool breezes, mountain scenery, a super special fast car thing that I can ride in if I don’t touch the paint at all, card games, someone else cooking for me… brisket, smoked turkey, french toast… staying up until 2 am.  Extra hands so I can take my kids swimming.  Extra hands to help with kids in general.  Extra playmates so I don’t need to entertain them…. sports enthusiasts to explain things that I am ignorant of…  Oh… and trying to get kids to go to sleep two hours after laying them down while trying to keep them quiet enough not to wake the rest of the household and Lithany’s tantrums because she can’t have another buzzard egg…. there’s stuff like that too.
Anyway… it’s been fun.  But I miss Matt.  I’ll gladly trade Ken’s awesome cooking and even my mom’s potato salad and rhubarb cream pie for box mac and cheese and frozen pizza to come home eventually.  I only hope the trip home will be as easy as the trip here. 
It’s the best Asa has ever been in a car.
Cousin Chris entertained Orion the entire way.
Lithany was good as gold except for maybe three times….
and the songs, man… can’t beat our van songs.